When in South Africa, a Must is going on a Safari... Bucket List {tick}

When one gets an opportunity to go on a safari in South Africa, anywhere, you say how high.....and jump at the opportunity, no questions asked.

Since a child we have gone on Safari's at least once a year on holiday, twice or thrice if very lucky, but living in South Africa, we have this ultimate luxury.

Round the corner in every direction, we have the bush surrounding us in Johannesburg. So within an hour or four, you can be in the bush, going on a game drive, exploring nature at its best....Au-natural environment. Nothing beats it.

Sunsets and early morning rises are spectacular in Africa in general.

Amarula {Only South African Liqueur} with coffee, around a watering hole, waiting for the animals to wake up is the best..Although,I'm sure they are up, a long time before us :)

On this particular Safari, it was very sad though, as the drought is at its worst and all the watering holes were very low or dried up. Many animals were traveling many kilometers to find water and even muddy holes, where water once ran, were reduced to muddy footprints from elephants, that the other animals had to drink from.

How sad....I only hope and pray that we have heavy rains soon to quench all the rivers and make them flow like before.

#photography #Animals #wildlife #buffalo #lanscape #giraffe #zebra #birds #hippo #fisheagle

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