Spectacular Matric Dance {Morgan Deuchars}

When I was called by Sam, Morgan's mom after I had photographed her daughters spectacular "getting dressed" pictures for her Matric Dance, thanking me as I had brought tears to her eyes, when she received the photographs, this made my day. And it was a manic Monday too ...

There is absolutely nothing better than receiving a call like that from a parent.

Makes me smile from ear to ear.

When I arrived at this shoot, everything had been thought of, from the pre-drinks decor downstairs to the smaller details of the dress {Pronovias} and shoes {Jimmychoo}, what else could a girl dream of. What a magnificent house, which helps immensely, as the background is an essential part, lighting especially, and this home had all the details required.

When Morgan arrived, she was a breath of fresh air and a beautiful girl, both inside and out. My job was going to be easy. All I had to do was capture that essence. Not difficult at all....and the rest...

well, as they say, is history...

See for yourself...enjoy!

#MatricDance #Teenagers #FashionShoot #Pronovias #JimmyChoo

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